About Us


For the past four years, King Tides projects all over the world have been helping people understand their current flooding and storm risks, and imagining what climate change impacts will look like in their own communities – the places where they live, work, and play. Using smartphones and social media, participants are invited to capture and share images of “King Tides”, the highest high tides of the year.  This massive documentary project makes climate change less political and more personal by helping people visualize the coast of the future.


In this century, communities all over the world will feel the impacts of climate change, including rising seas and increased storms. Disasters like Hurricane Sandy will become more frequent, and some places that experience only rare floods now will be permanently underwater by the end of the century.


Organizers of King Tides projects the world over are part of a network that brings us together to share resources and support each other. Our network openly shares the King Tides experience. We embrace principles of:

  • Collaboration.
  • Open data sharing and creative commons licensing.
  • Fun.
  • Diversity and local relevance.
  • Engaging regular citizens in science.
  • Curiosity about natural phenomena and the changing world around us.
  • Responsibility for improving our common future on a shared planet.

Organizers do not endorse any political party or candidate through King Tides.  We do support projects that seek to provide resilient, healthy, thriving coastal areas and increase our understanding of climate change.


King Tides projects already exist in many communities.  We are looking to expand the network, so please get in touch if you would like to learn about becoming an organizer.


King Tides projects are organized in local communities by public servants, surfers, environmentalists, insurers, planning agencies, and others with an interest in the coast.  Many of those organizers contribute to this website, and the site is operated and maintained by two long-term organizers:

Marina Psaros – Coravai LLC, California, USA

Heather Bauer – HB2ents Design & Communications, and the Climate Action Secretariat of British Columbia, Canada

The original King Tides outreach campaign was started in Australia by Phil Watson of Australia’s Office of Environment and Heritage, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, during the 2009 king tides season.  The same year, project were started in California, Oregon, Washington, and BC Canada.  The movement has been growing ever since.

Original graphic design by ZeroSeven with funding from Green Cross Australia.