Who We Are

The King Tides Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people in coastal areas all over the world understand how climate change will impact their lives.  We do this through photo-documentation, community mapping, art, and science.  The King Tides Project is a network of local initiatives organized by planners, surfers, photographers, landscape architects, teachers, insurers, environmentalists, and others with an interest in the coast.  Many of those organizers contribute to this website, and the site is operated and maintained by two long-term King Tides organizers:

Marina Psaros – King Tides Project founder and California King Tides Project organizer, USA

Heather Lynn Remacle – King Tides Project Organizer and Media Content Adviser; Co-Director, Decades After Paris: A musical outreach project to raise awareness of climate change.

The original King Tides outreach campaign was conceived of by Phil Watson of Australia’s Office of Environment and Heritage, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, during the 2009 king tides season.  The same year, project were started in California, Oregon, Washington, and BC Canada.  The movement has been growing ever since.  You can be a part of it too by joining a project, starting a project, or partnering with us.