About the Project

King Tides Project International is an initiative delivered by a network of organizers on coastlines around the world. We are citizen scientists, capturing data and images showing what the future sea levels will be and what is at risk.

The King Tides Project helps people all over the world understand how sea level rise will impact their lives.

What are “King Tides?”

Extreme high tides, or “king tides”, occur at a few specific times during the year when the moon is closest to the Earth. During these high water events, we can see what the average water levels might look like in the future, given projected sea level rise. The King Tides Project invites people to visit the shoreline and capture images of important places threatened by sea level rise.

While the term ‘king tide’ isn’t a scientific term, it is used to describe an especially high tide event occurring twice a year, when there is alignment of the gravitational pull between sun and moon.

When king tides occur during cyclones, floods or storms, water levels can rise to higher levels and have the potential to cause great damage to property and the coastline.

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Sea level rise is a symptom of a warming planet. For millions of years, the average temperature of Earth has allowed a certain amount of moisture to be locked up in frozen reservoirs: glaciers and polar ice caps. This is changing very quickly due to the extreme volume of greenhouse gases humans are releasing into the atmosphere.

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As a result of sea level rise, coastal hazard events will increase in frequency, severity, and magnitude:

  • Extreme high water levels will increase
  • Coastal flood events of any magnitude will become more frequent
  • Damaging storms will become more frequent due to higher water levels

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