King Tides: Coming to the news, or a song, near you!

King Tides: Coming to the news, or a song, near you!

A few years ago, extreme high tides weren’t often a feature of North American news. “King Tides” as we know them today have been illuminated thanks to the good work of this international network of King Tides Project organizers.

We’ve noticed a significant increase in the use of the term “King Tides” by the news media. This is important, as the term itself is simple, yet interesting. You might even say it’s lyrical.

In fact, the Decades After Paris music outreach project (based in Victoria, BC, Canada) has used the term in one of their songs: “Twilight of Paris.” To highlight what’s at stake if national governments don’t act on commitments they agree to at COP21 in Paris, the song states:

King Tides rule the changing land,

Footprints morph away soft sand.

The stage is set to make your move,

Own the spotlight own the groove.

Have a listen to the song here:

Test Your Friends

We’re curious: has the use of this term permeated your network? Do your colleagues, friends or family know what is meant by King Tide?