The King Tides Project is a fun way to explore your community, while supporting scientists and decision makers to plan for future sea level rise.

There is also an opportunity to connect with participants and organizers around the world.

There are three ways you can participate in the King Tides Project:

1) Take photos during a king tide and upload them to your favorite social media site, tagged with #kingtides.

Detailed instructions

The King Tides Project is meant to raise awareness of the issue of sea level rise due to climate change. By sharing on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr, and including the hashtag #kingtides, you are helping to connect your followers to the project.

Ideally, you will also include some information, or metadata, about the image, such as:

  • Location
  • Direction the camera is pointing (W,N,E,S)
  • Time
  • Subject in photo

Also, if posting to Flickr, please do licence your images as creative commons, so that our network can use and share them.

To increase your chances at getting some royal shots, learn how to plan your shoot.

    2) Find a project near you and join in the activities planned.

    There is a global network of King Tides Projects. Organizers provide their communities with local information and unique activities.

    3) Join the King Tides Project as an organizer.

    Sea level rise is a global phenomenon and we are seeking to document and educate every coastline!

    We still have a long way to go, and we welcome new project organizers. The international network is VERY collaborative, and we are updating our catalog of resources all the time.