Lead a Project

Interested in creating a King Tides project in your community?  Join our network of organizers!

Project organizers around the world have developed creative, beautiful, science-based, and engaging projects that communicate the relevance of sea level rise to their communities and help make these places more resilient.

Projects vary, some typical activities include:

  • Developing citizen science programs for school groups or adults
  • Organizing king tides viewing events like Meetups, boat tours, and hikes (remember that safety is key)
  • Connecting with local social media discussions (using locational hashtags, posting on local discussion boards)
  • Creating an exhibition for display in science museums, art galleries, and other public spaces
  • Running a photo contest

Interested in joining the network?

We are always interested in expanding our programming and our network.  Project leaders share resources to support each others’ work and together we are building a creative, community-driven archive of coastal flood vulnerability that has the potential to save billions of dollars and protect lives.

Please tell us a little about yourself and we will get in touch as soon as possible.